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Drive-Through Marijuana Shops Are Now a Thing

1 minute Read

Getting out of your car to buy your legal marijuana can be such a drag. If you’ve ever felt the same, a new Colorado shop has the solution: The first (legal) drive through recreational marijuana dispensary.

It’s called the Tumbleweed Express, and it’s in the 1,100-person town of Parachute. Of course, if you don’t live there you can just drive down I-70, parachute into town, pick up your goods, and head back home without ever leaving your car.

It’s not the first ever drive through marijuana spot — three Detroit medical shops have drive throughs — but it is the first recreational drive through joint. Tumbleweed Express is the time saver Colorado residents have been waiting for. After all, Colorado is one of the few states with legal drive through liquor stores, and it’s easy to get used to that level of convenience.

Parachute, Colorado, has taken a sharp turn in its attitude to cannabis. The city banned legal sales until 2015, High Snobiety writes. The next year, around 30 percent of Parachute’s sales tax was from legal marijuana. As of March 2017, it’ll be making drive-though dispensary history.

Under the rules of the drive through license, everyone in the car has to be 21. And, clearly, you have to wait until you get to your destination to fully enjoy your purchase. It’s just the type of innovation we can all hope spreads to the rest of the marijuana-friendly states.

Drive-Through Marijuana Shops Are Now a Thing