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How To Clean Your Pipe Or Bong

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Whether you’re smoking from a pipe, a bubbler, or a bong, over time, you’re bound to accumulate some charred resin in your piece. Although a caked vessel is in some ways a badge of honor for a regular cannabis connoisseur, eventually, the gunk lacing your piece will undermine the taste of fresh, quality weed as well as make it nearly impossible to get a solid rip. Here are a few ways to make your piece squeaky clean, ready for a smooth smoking experience.

Glass Pipes

With a smaller piece like a glass pipe, one makeshift method for a quick-fix clean is to simply poke and scrape the blackened remains baked into your bowl. Head shops and dispensaries nowadays sell professional tool kits, with prodders of all sorts of angles that can get into the hard-to-reach spots of your simple piece. However, if you’re in an 11th hour pinch, you can also use everyday household objects like an untwisted paperclip or a bobby pin. Simply poke and scratch, and eventually you’ll find the bong manageable once again.

Bong Cleaning Tips

If you’ve got the patience, a deeper, more intense, and cost-effective clean can be achieved with everyday household items. All you need is isopropyl alcohol and salt or rice. First give your piece a quick hot water wash to loosen up the burnt gunk firmly attached to the glass. Afterwards, simply fill the water chamber with the alcohol as well as rice or salt; with a piece or bubbler, put it in a bag and follow the same instructions. You’ll want plenty of rice or salt so that it doesn’t dissolve and can function as a scrubber to clear off the resin. Then, cover the stem or seal the bag and shake the hell out of it. Keep shaking, even when it hurts. When you think you’re done, look at which areas need extra attention and focus on those. With a bong, certain areas won’t be properly cleaned by a simple shake, so you can use pipe cleaner soaked in alcohol as well as to clean it off. And lastly, give it one more hot wash and set it to dry. By the end of this it should look, and smoke, as if your piece was brand spanking new.

How To Clean Your Pipe Or Bong