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Why Do Your Eyes Turn Red When You Smoke?

1 minute Read

Red eyes are the bane of the smoker’s existence. It’s a dead giveaway, akin to having “high” practically written on one’s face. But even if you’re smoking with friends, no one likes to have red eyes. Why is this such a perpetual side effect of smoking marijuana?

You may think your red eye comes from your eyes getting irritated by the smoke. But it’s actually your weed’s chemical compounds that are at fault here. Red Eye is caused by a decrease in blood pressure. When you smoke marijuana, THC causes the blood vessels and capillaries to dilate, including the ocular capillaries in your eyeballs, which causes an increase of blood flow to the eyes. This is also why marijuana is heralded as a cure for glaucoma, a condition where there is an increased amount of pressure within your eyeball.

How To Prevent & Get Rid Of Red Eyes When Smoking

Although we can’t stop red eye, there are some ways to prevent having to wear a de facto sign reading “I’m baked!” to the world. One of the more effective ways to avoid red eye is to opt for a zero-THC or low-THC strain, which removes the dominant component behind red-eye. Another remedy is to carry around a bottle of eyedrops that help reduce redness, like Visine. You can also hydrate; drinking enough water will reduce the dryness that accompanies smoking.

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