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Guide: Joints Vs. Spliffs Vs. Blunts

2 minute Read

You’ve likely heard about each of these rolled up methods of smoking, and are probably wondering if there’s really any difference, or if they’re simply like tangerines and oranges.

Actually, there’s quite a difference, both in terms of their components as well as their actual effects. Don’t worry, though; with almost any strain of cannabis, each of them still will get you high.


A joint, a “jay,” or a “pre-roll” as it’s known at dispensaries, is essentially a pure cannabis cigarette. The amount of cannabis that can fit into a joint varies, but they’re commonly around a quarter to half a gram of weed. The paper used for a joint is typically light and partially translucent, and can be made from rice, hemp, or wood pulp. This is essentially the bare bones method, which is great if you are looking for a pure experience from the weed, and also if you’re anti-nicotine or tobacco.


A spliff, at least in the United States and Europe, is a rolled up mixture of tobacco and cannabis. The pervading stereotype is that spliffs are common in Europe, where rarely anyone smokes pure cannabis.

One reason for the difference is the prevalence of hash, or compressed kief, across the pond. On its own, you’d have a hard time smoking a few millimeters of the substance wrapped up in a strip of rolling paper. When smoked in spliff format, it’s crumbled and spread over the tobacco. Like joints, the type of paper used for spliffs is typically the same—hemp, rice, wood pulp.


Lastly, there are blunts, the heaviest hitters of these three rolled options. Simply put, they are comprised of a cigar or cigarillo wrap, which has been unrolled, filled with herb, and then sealed back up. Although blunts usually contain pure cannabis, it should be noted that the wrap is made from a tobacco leaf. Also, from one look at a blunt, you’ll recognize that unless you’ve trained up an insane tolerance, these bad boys are rarely, if ever, smoked on their own by a single smoker, because of their size. Fortunately, when around similarly high-minded folks, blunts bode well for large social gatherings.

Because of the loose tobacco in spliffs or the tobacco leaf comprising a blunt, these highs are noticeably different to the joint high. Blunts and spliffs are accompanied by a buzz akin to drinking coffee, both in terms of a physical energetic rush as well as the cerebral stimulation. The taste varies, too. Blunts often have a much sweeter taste due to the cigar wrap, and often burn slower.

Now, keep in mind that just because you’re down with brown in your green, not everyone else is, particularly due to health concerns. So, before offering someone a spliff (or letting a newcomer take a hit off a blunt), let the person know what they’re about to put in their body. After that, let the good times blow.

Guide: Joints Vs. Spliffs Vs. Blunts