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Learn How To Roll A Joint

1 minute Read

There are now thousands of fancy contraptions on the market that have truly made smoking weed a science. And you can buy your weed in pre-rolled joints at dispensaries, and there are also rolling machines. Still, everyone wants to be able to roll a joint, right?

Step 1: Grind up the flower. It’s better to use a grinder because it’s quicker, takes less manual labor, and and it grinds up your cannabis evenly. You don’t want your joint appearing lumpy, but also it’ll help with making sure it burns evenly and lasts longer.

Step 2: Grab a rolling paper. They come in different types (which affects the taste) as well as sizes. The 1-¼ inch size is good for learning to roll. Lay the paper with the gum adhesive strip facing up and on the edge furthest away from you.

Step 3: Sprinkle your ground weed evenly across the paper, leaving some space on the ends. Don’t overstuff your joint.

Step 4: You’re going to want to make a crutch or a “filter,” which goes on the end of the joint you smoke out of. This will preventing stray weed from winding up in your mouth when inhaling. It will also make sure that you don’t soak the paper with your lips, which would close off the mouth-end of the joint and make it difficult to smoke. Plus, it gives you something to hold on to when smoking so you don’t burn your fingers.

Many rolling papers nowadays come with additional cardstock for making your own crutch, and there are also glass versions available. But a business card or index card will work fine. Simply cut out a portion of the card, around ½ inch wide for 1-¼ inch rolling papers, and fold it back and forth accordion-like, so that you get a sort of “M” or “W” shape. Then, roll the crutch up so you get a tiny, cylindrical form.

Step 5: With your crutch ready, let the rolling begin. Insert the crutch on the end of the paper. Then, proceed to roll the paper back and forth until the ground flower forms a packed cylindrical shape.

Step 6: Fold the side of the paper closest to you over the weed and down, and continue to roll in that direction. It’s also helpful to fold the paper into the crutch to lock in a starting point.

Step 7: Just before you’re done forming your perfect joint, lick the adhesive strip and finish rolling up. Finally, twist the open end of the joint to prevent any weed from falling out.

Learn How To Roll A Joint