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How To Pack A Bowl & Smoke It

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If there’s one method of smoking cannabis that’s stood the test of time, it’s smoking a bowl. When beginning to smoke marijuana, the very first thing necessary to learn is how to smoke out of a glass pipe, also called a “piece.” The technique is etched in modern cannabis history, and everyone who smokes should have some knowledge of how to pack a bowl (and the proper etiquette for how to smoke in a group). Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned smoker in need a refresher, here’s a basic understanding of how to pack and smoke a glass pipe bowl.

First, let’s get some jargon out of the way: there’s the mouthpiece where you’ll inhale; the eponymous “bowl” where you’ll load the weed; and the carburetor, a second opening on the side of the pipe that helps to promote the airflow. The last part isn’t technically necessary, and some bowls come without. The benefit, of course, is that a carb enables you to clear out the remaining smoke that might be left behind after your first inhale.

How To Pack A Bowl

The next thing to know is how to actually pack a bowl. The first step is grinding up the weed. A grinder is handy for this step, although unlike rolling a joint, you can hand tear the weed. Medium ground is best. Afterwards, you’ll want to put the weed into the bowl. The important part here is to make sure it’s not too compact, as this can cause clogging and inhibit the flow. One way to do this is to make sure you keep it light at the bottom and heavier at the top. Additionally, to prevent debris, or “scoobie snacks,” from sneaking into your mouth, insert a calyx, or the tight, knobby tangle of leaves, at the bottom of the bowl; another method is inserting a screen.

How To Smoke A Bowl

Now, it’s time to light up! The most common way to get the bowl burning is with a lighter. But this can be problematic for some smokers, as it can leave a foul aftertaste. More tasteful methods of lighting the bud include a glass wand, which can actually heat your cannabis to the point of vaporization, as well as hemp wicks, wax-coated string that provides a source of heat and combustion without the use of butane.

Smoking Etiquette

The last thing, and this is important, is smoking etiquette. When on your own or in a pair, packing one-to-two-hitter bowls is fine. But when in a crowd, things are a bit trickier. First, you’re going to want to make sure there is enough weed for everyone to have go around. What this means is that everyone can have a hit of the fresh green herb. This latter part is important when it comes to starting a bowl (typically chosen by whoever supplied the bud for the bowl). Although seemingly a low-pressure position, you want to make sure you “corner” the bowl. What that means is to only burn a small portion of the visibly green cannabis, as you want to give everyone a chance of enjoying fresh flower without any of the charred-ashy taste. So with all this under wrap, it’s time to let one burn.

How To Pack A Bowl & Smoke It