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Should You Get Your Dog High?

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We never talk about getting our pets drunk. Maybe it’s because we know alcohol is actually (technically) poison for humans, and therefore it shouldn’t be available for pet consumption. But for some reason, people don’t feel that way about marijuana. “Is it okay to get my dog/cat high?” is a question we’ve all asked at one point or another. The answer is: Maybe.

The first question is how to get my dog high. One method is by simply leaving your edibles or even weed out in the open. You’ve seen your dog jump on the table to eat food lying about and with little bits of weed, it’s no different. Another way that dogs can get high, just like humans, is by second hand smoke. While it’s funny to pretend that blowing a cloud in Fido’s face might get him high, the effects are strong enough that it’s the equivalent of a human smoking a joint.

So what happens to your loveable pup after getting him ripped? Well, some effects are familiar to those observed of humans getting high: laziness, sudden sleepiness, difficulty with balance. But other issues arise, and that’s where it gets problematic. For example, in some canines, marijuana can cause incontinence, which is no fun for anyone. More distressing issues involve pacing, breathing problems, abnormal heart rhythm, and of course, distress.

What Veterinarians Are Saying

But one of the biggest problems that canines face, which humans don’t, is that they can actually die from marijuana. Cases have been reported of marijuana toxicosis in dogs, although the reports state that cannabutter was involved.

On the bright side of all of this, veterinarians are looking into medical marijuana treatment for your favorite pups. Similar to human beings, dogs (as well as cats) possess cannabinoid receptors that respond to the chemical compounds in cannabis. The late Doug Kramer, a respected veterinarian, advocated for the treatment as a way of assisting pets that typically were euthanized due to aches and pains. Similar to humans, cannabis in pets can help reduce nausea and provide pain relief to arthritis.

Should You Get Your Dog High?