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Why Is Weed Multicolored?

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Have you ever wondered why your weed has lots of colors? These are sometimes known as orange hairs.

No matter what quality of cannabis flower you purchase, ranging from top shelf bud to the dregs that you’d normally put in a pre-roll, you’re bound to have some amount of these hairs dotting your weed. Some might be bright orange, while others come across as a faded brown. These, it turns out, are the cannabis plant’s pistils, a female reproductive organ that you’ll find in all types of flowers. And since the bud you purchase comes from female plants, you’re going to always have some hairs in your nugs. The coloring, like everything else, depends on the strain.

I don’t smoke the weed if it ain’t, purple or blue…
Styles P, “I Get High”

On the cannabis flower, the pistils start out a light yellowish or white hue, which slowly changes into a darker orange, red, or even amber as the plant matures. Pistils are important for growers, as their development is one of the signs that the plant is flowering. These organs grow from the plant’s flowers, or calyxes, and are designed to catch pollen floating in the air, which is then pumped into the resin glands, or trichomes, which do in fact contain THC.

Why Is Weed Multicolored?