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Now You Can Drink this Weed Antidote If You Get Too High

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Got too high? Now there’s a cannabis antidote to help bring you down.

A shot of CannaRelief, manufactured by CannaSafety, is meant to combat symptoms like anxiety, paranoia, and nausea, which come along with ingesting too much cannabis. The $15 tincture contains 20 milligrams of CBD, a non-psychotropic anxiolytic compound found in cannabis, as well as ginger, Brazilian root extract, and vitamins C, B-12, and B-6.

For new cannabis consumers or for those more likely to have an unpleasant experience with THC, it’s often recommended to have CBD on hand for anxiety relief. “The CBD slows down the THC in your brain,” Leif Kantro, chief development officer at CannaSafety, tells Jane Street. “You’ll still have the same amount of THC in your brain, but you don’t feel it as much.” He adds that the ginger specifically helps with nausea. You’ll still feel high, he says, but the high will be “diluted” from anywhere between five minutes and 90 minutes of drinking the tincture.

Kantro says the tincture is sold almost anywhere around the world, from dispensaries to festivals, and soon, even major drug stores. The company began manufacturing CannaRelief about a year and a half ago, but it began to really take off around August. “With the industry headed the way it is, this product is in demand and is needed,” he says.

But the question remains, does it actually work? A couple editors from cannabis encyclopedia Leafly decided to test it and find out. Bailey Rahn,who got too high from dabbing said that within 20 minutes of drinking the shot of CannaRelief, “my mind seemed clear of the haze that was blocking all ability to speak intelligibly, and talking with my partner no longer felt as nerve-wracking as a first date.” While Rahn says it’s difficult to determine if the CannaRelief, or the steps she took to calm down — going home, getting into bed, and son — helped her feel better, she thinks the antidote expedited the relaxation process.

Lisa Rough, who tried CannaRelief after getting too stoned from edibles also recommends it, while Brett Konen debated whether to attribute the relief he felt to the antidote or its placebo effect.

Kantro says CannaRelief isn’t only for weed-induced anxiety. “A lot of people have misconceptions about the product. They believe it’s for over ingestion of cannabis and that’s it,” he says. Others, however, use it for pain, seizures, hangovers, or as an alternative to Advil.

So whether you’re looking to reap the benefits of CBD or you’re afraid you might get too high, it’s never a bad idea to have something like this on hand — a CBD oil, vape pen, tincture, or a shot of CannaRelief, itself.

Now You Can Drink this Weed Antidote If You Get Too High