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Eight Smoke Sesh Etiquette Tips

2 minute Read

When smoking with a group of people, it’s important to remember to always have good manners. Whether you’re amongst veteran stoners or first time tokers, etiquette is central to a good sesh. While some of this might be common sense, here are some tips for the next time you’re passing a joint, bong, or pipe around with your best buds.

Light the corner of the bowl

If you’re the first person to light the bowl, don’t just spark it up straight from the top and burn the whole thing. If you can, try to light only the corner or outer edge of the bowl. This is called “cornering,” and ensures that the person after you will get the same quality of first-hit flavor that you got.

If you’re sick, say so

No one wants to get sick from smoking weed. If you feel a cold or flu coming on, say so, and make sure everyone else is okay with sharing the pipe, bong, or joint with you before you consume. If they’re not cool with it, roll your own joint, or have an extra bowl or vape handy so you can smoke from your own device.

Always let the guest go first

Now that’s just manners. If you’re providing the weed or hosting the sesh, it’s always polite to let your guest take the first hit.

Don’t bogart that joint

No one likes a weed hog. It’s okay to take a couple hits when your turn comes around (puff puff pass), but don’t take multiple hits in a row, hold the piece while you talk and gesture, or let the joint simply dangle from your lips. Just pass it on.

Don’t pretend you can roll a joint if you can’t

Leave it to the pros. If you can’t roll a joint, don’t fake it and risk the joint falling apart or the weed scattering on the ground. If no one else can roll a joint either, opt for a pipe or bong.

Don’t pass a cashed bowl

If you think you just smoked the last hit the bowl had to offer, don’t just pass it along. That tastes bad and is inconsiderate to the next person. Say you think the bowl might be cashed, or warn them that they might end up inhaling ash; otherwise just pass the pipe back to its owner.

Don’t peer pressure

If someone says they’ve had enough, don’t keep passing the joint to them. It might make them feel like they should have smoked more, or make them self conscious of their tolerance. Seshing isn’t a race to see who can get most stoned.

Return the lighter to its owner

For some reason, lighters always seem to be the small, negligible thing that goes missing — and at the most inconvenient times. Remember not to accidentally pocket the lighter if it doesn’t belong to you. Though a small gesture, returning the lighter to its rightful owner will show great consideration and graciousness.

Eight Smoke Sesh Etiquette Tips