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The Best Pot Products for Better Sex

1 minute Read

Weed is a natural aphrodisiac if you don’t get too high. It can help you get out of your head and into your body, allowing you to be more sensitive to touch and more connected to your partner and each other’s emotions. So the question becomes, how do you incorporate cannabis into your sex life? From smoking the right strain to picking out the right lube, you want to be sure your weed will put you in the right mood. Here are some product recommendations to get you and your partner started.

Purple Panty Dropper Bud

There are a number of strains that can help couples emotionally open up to each other or get in the mood for sex. Among others strains like Shiva Skunk or OG Kush, Purple Panty Dropper will induce euphoria and relieve anxiety to put you in state of dreamy, deep relaxation. Known to make users feel happy and horny, it will balance feelings of energy and calm for the perfect bedroom recipe.

Foria Weed Lube

For a tingly, tantalizing sensation sure to rock your socks (and panties) off, try Foria’s cannabis-infused lubricant. You’ll thank us later. Just remember not to use it with latex condoms, as the lube could cause tearing.

Ganja Vibes Mary Jane Vibrator

While there’s no weed in this product, its shape is inspired by the plant itself. According to its website, this “cannabis leaf teaser pleaser” generates gradual vibration and maximum intensity “for the love of cannabis and climax.”

Peter Piper Pecker Puffer Glass Pipe Dildo

This sex toy is weed-free, too, but fret not — there’s a place to stash your bud in it. That’s because it doubles as both a pipe and a dildo. With each side of the toy serving different functions, you can get creative with how you use it.

Medicated Massage Oil

There are all sorts of cannabis-infused creams and oils you can use for a couples massage. Products like Apothecanna’s Sexy Time Personal Intimacy Oil or Papa & Barkley’s Relief Massage Oil will make your skin tingle and relax your muscles, without getting you high.

The Best Pot Products for Better Sex