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18 Healthy Ways To Use Cannabis Productively

3 minute Read

I’m not the only woman I know who finds cannabis to be a productive substance. The stereotype of the dude eating chips on the couch is falling by the wayside — for good reason. Women, especially, are doing their part to make cannabis an activator for creativity, introspection, and health. While I’m sure you’re already probably on it, here are a few other ideas for productive things you can do with cannabis.

Try To Meditate

Being stoned already tends to bring you into the present moment and make you more aware of your thoughts and body — a perfect time to try meditating. Focus on deep belly breathing, putting one hand on your stomach and the other on your heart. Feel where there’s pain and release in your body, and try to breathe into those spots. If sitting isn’t your style, check out these meditation methods that don’t involve sitting.

Confront Your Naked Image

When you’re stoned, you can sometimes see the beauty in things you might not otherwise. I’d encourage you to confront your naked image in the mirror alone. If you don’t like certain things you see, say it to your own face — taking that internal dialogue external takes away power from your self-critical voice. If you love certain things you see, say that to your face as well.

Bribe Yourself To Try Something Safe That Scares You

Personally, I was only able to get myself in the habit of going to exercise dance classes by showing up a little under-the-influence. It helped give me that extra push I needed to establish the habit and prove to myself I could do it sober. This could also go for a painting class, asking a distant cousin to lunch — whatever. You know your capacities under cannabis best, so pick things that you know you can functionally do, but just need an extra little initial push for.


If you’re too shy to do it in public, I suggest a dance party to this feminist mix in your room. Making the lighting sexy and your room warm, dance without self-consciousness. To up the self-love factor, do this naked in front of the mirror as well.

Talk To A Family Member You’ve Been Avoiding

Sometimes, when I haven’t talked to my mom in a long while and I’ve been putting it off, taking a walk and a hit off my vape really helps me be more patient and present in conversation with her (it also helps me take less seriously the things that annoy me). This might not work for you, but if you’re used to conversing on cannabis and tend to get more honest and vocal under its influence, this can be a great way to connect to those you have the hardest blocks with.

Write A Stoned Stream Of Consciousness

I love to do this as a way of getting to know my own mind better. Sit with a journal or at the computer and write your thoughts down as quickly as they come to you — without censorship. Not only might it be hilarious and revealing in retrospect, but you’ll also be identifying your own thought patterns and internal dialogues in the moment with less judgement or self-consciousness.


Cleaning can be a lot more fun on cannabis — as can clearing out your closet. For extra satisfaction, wait to do this until you’re PMSing or on your period, since your organizational impulses are hormonally most heightened then (and cannabis will prove especially comforting).

Eat Mindfully

You can help yourself have a healthier relationship with food by checking in with yourself and asking: what does my body really crave right now? Then, give it just that by cooking, baking, or going on an adventure to find exactly what you crave. When you eat, remind yourself that eating is an act of love — not something to rush or feel guilty over. If you’re going to eat cake, please, try to savor eating the cake. See if you can slow down eating as much as possible and not watch TV or your phone, simply focusing on the act of eating as a form of self-love and meditation. This can be a powerful way to begin to rewire a toxic relationship with food as well.

Masturbate And/Or Have Sex

Cannabis helps bring you into the present moment, which is why it’s such a potentially useful substance for women who feel in their head and worry about orgasm. Check out my suggestions for how to use cannabis to empower your sex life, and rest assured — understanding your own body and sexual psychology better is a productive use of your time.

18 Healthy Ways To Use Cannabis Productively