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The Best Selling Cannabis Edibles In 2016

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People have a favorite type of THC-infused edible just like they have a favorite cannabis strain. There are chocolates, cookies and other baked goods, tinctures for things like cocktails and drinks, and, of course, hard candies like lollipops and suckers. No matter how you stack it, edibles are big business — both at medical and recreational dispensaries. But which type of edible do people love the most?

Thanks to BDS Analytics, we now know that gummie candies are the best selling edible (at least in Colorado). In 2016 in Colorado, more than $10 million of gummies were sold. The next biggest seller, for comparison, were chocolate bars at just over $6 million in sales. Baked goods and tinctures sold around $3 million each in 2016, and around $2 million of hard candies were sold.

BDS Analytics looked at data from point of sales systems at dispensaries to get sales numbers, according to AdAge. They also interviewed people both online and in person. The goal is to learn what marijuana consumers are buying “from a brand preference and shopping preference perspective.”

Another interesting data point that BDS Analytics was able to discern: The average cost of each product. Tinctures were the most expensive at an average of $40, and hard candies were the cheapest at an average of about $10. Gummies, the most popular, were only around $17. More obscure items like cannabis cotton candy weren’t included in the numbers.

Do your edible preferences line up with the sales data?

The Best Selling Cannabis Edibles - 2016
The Best Selling Cannabis Edibles In 2016