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How to Use Weed to Target Period Cramps and Lifts Your Spirits from PMS

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PMS is one of the oldest uses for cannabis, dating back to ancient times. Aztec and Mayan women took baths full of medicinal herbs, including weed, for menstrual relief, while even Queen Victoria used a cannabis tincture circa 1890 to ease her cramps. Pot and periods go together like peanut butter and jelly, but for most of modern history, until recently, talking about both in public has been taboo.

That said, as marijuana legalization takes hold across the country and more women enter the industry, we’re seeing more and more cannabis lifestyle products on the market, targeted toward women’s health. So if you’re reeling in cramps, getting moody, and feel your period coming on, here are a few ways you can use weed for relief.

Topical Cream

Rubbing cannabis cream into you get your cramps, such as your lower back or belly, can offer tremendous relief. Whether you rub it in yourself or get a medicated massage, the cream won’t get you high (it’s not getting into your bloodstream), but will stimulate the area where you need it most. You may feel a tingling sensation, or you may just realize your cramps go away altogether. Not sure which kind of cream to get? While CBD is great for inflammation, THC creams can also also help with generalized pain. Talk to your budtender or experiment with a few different kinds. The other herbs incorporated into cannabis topicals are good aromatherapy, too!

Medicated Bath Salts

Lying in a hot bath could be heavenly when you’re PMS-ing. Make it even better with cannabis bath salts. Whoopi & Maya, a line of cannabis menstrual products, offers bath salts that work both with aromatherapy and include a magnesium boost. Again, you won’t get mentally high, but the soak is good for full body relaxation.

Medicated Suppositories/Tampons

Foria’s cannabis suppositories provide relief straight to where your cramps originate. They literally get your uterus high, targeting contractions from the source. Again, you won’t actually feel high from these products, but you will feel the physical effects. However, while there’s been no clinical testing on it, some worry about putting THC so close to a woman’s eggs. That said, the cocoa butter base is natural and otherwise safe to put inside your body.

Smoke, Vape, Dab, or Eat an Indica

Indica strains of cannabis are known for their heavy body highs, somewhat less cerebral than their sativa counterparts. They’re often used to treat pain and other physical discomfort. Depending on how much you take or the way you ingest it will affect the extent to which it targets your cramps, so talk to your budtender or experiment with a few different strains to get the right one. Those like Blueberry Kush, Purple OG Kush, or Bubblegum Kush have been known to help specifically with period pain. If you’re also feeling down or moody, however, look for a more euphoric uplifting strain — a hybrid or even sativa, to enliven your spirits, get you giggling, and help you better enjoy those munchies while you target your cramps.

How to Use Weed to Target Period Cramps and Lifts Your Spirits from PMS