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The Five Best Weed Apps for the Canna-Curious

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The cannabis industry is growing rapidly, and alongside the ever-increasing interest in green comes an increasing need for apps that help you score and learn about ganj. Whether you’re looking for a 420-friendly date or want to know which dispensary carries your favorite strain of weed, these apps are here to help.


Weed encyclopedia and news site, Leafly is one of the most comprehensive entities when it comes to cannabis. The Leafly app can help you explore strains, figure out what kind of weed best suits your needs, find which dispensaries carry what you’re looking for, and discover your new favorite products like tinctures and topicals, based on thousands of user reviews.

High There!

420-friendly dating apps are here so you never have to smoke alone again. High There! is one of the most comprehensive. It asks which kind of weed you like, how you like to get high (vaping, edibles, smoking, etc.), and what you’re in the mood for, such as going out or staying couch locked. Of course, like other dating apps, it also asks what you’re looking for in a mate with regard to their interests and other factors. Whether you’re looking for a “420 connoisseur” or a “smoking buddy,” users on this app run the gamut.


Also called the Tesla of growing weed, Seedo is an app that comes attached to a pot growing device. The device allows you to grow a single plant automatically — all you need to do is track its progress with the connected app. You’ll learn about how much light, water, and nutrients your plant needs, what environmental factors make it thrive, and other fun facts about the three-month grow cycle. At the end, you’ll also have a mature cannabis plant and fresh bud.


Want your weed delivered? If you live in California, you can use the Eaze app to order your weed online, track its route from the dispensary to your door, and voila you’ll have your bud within an hour or less. Known as the “Uber of cannabis,” Eaze also accumulates data based on trends the company sees among its customers and what they order.


If you like to play games on your phone, you’ll have fun with this one. Set to reggae music, the app lets you build a cannabis business and cultivate a variety of strains, make and sell different products like cannabis oil or hashish, and decorate your ganja farm.

The Five Best Weed Apps for the Canna-Curious