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Drink Your Weed With this THC-Infused Sparkling Water

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Eat your veggies, drink your weed? Cannabis-infused sparkling water is now a thing. MountJoy Sparkling, available online and in dispensaries throughout California, is infused with enough THC to “make you feel nice.”

The zero-calorie beverage offers a full spectrum of cannabis oil containing 12 milligrams of THC and water sourced from an aquifer in Sonoma County. And since the infused water is fast acting, the consumer doesn’t have to sit and wait as they would with regular edibles to know how it affects them.

“The idea for Mountjoy Sparkling grew out of a personal need. I was working on a challenging computer programming project that left me exhausted and I needed something to take the edge off,” says founder Alex Mountjoy. “It was around this time I was driving and heard a guy on NPR being interviewed who wrote a book in the 60s called Learning How to Smoke Pot (at least that’s how I remember the title). This resonated with me, I’ve always been a self-improving person and I thought, wow, here’s a drug that’s worth putting effort into because it can presumably reward you.”

His family had already been making Mountjoy Sparkling for many years without cannabis, so he thought to add cannabis to it.

In the spring of 2016, Mountjoy worked to refine his product and did focus-group testing and proof of concept. By this past June, he was ready to launch.

“It’s a product that is a companion to your life to help you get through the day just as coffee or tea,” Mountjoy says. “The effects are felt within 15 minutes and leave a gentle positive that lasts three to four hours. The beverage is also scalable, by which we mean that the effect of a bottle is about the effect of a beer, so one won’t be too much and if you want another you have the control to do so.”

The sparkling weed water is meant to appeal to the “modern cannabis user.” Mountjoy describes the beverage as “discreet, stylish, comfortable, and affordable,” and a solid option for cannabis noobs and vets, alike. “It was created as an approachable, reliable product that easily integrates into different social situations,” says Mountjoy. “From the after workout beverage to the cocktail alternative, [Mountjoy Sparkling is] a new cannabis consumption solution.”

All that said, if you want to drink your weed but don’t want to get high, there are also a number of CBD water options, too. Whether with THC or CBD, infused water allows you to seamlessly integrate cannabis into your daily routine without the effort of rolling a joint or the variability of eating an edible.

Drink Your Weed With this THC-Infused Sparkling Water