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The Six Best TV Shows About Weed

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The way TV portrays cannabis has come a long way since the days of Reefer Madness. Cannabis is no longer pathologized as a drug, but often is consumed by relatable characters in a way that’s similar to beer. Today, a number of series illustrate the casual consumption of cannabis, or even feature the plant in a central role or as a theme guiding the show. Here are a couple you might want to watch the next time you roll a jay and want to veg out watching TV.

Bong Appetite

Curious about edibles? This series on Viceland will show you just how exquisite cannabis cuisine can get. Featuring a variety of cultural cuisines, Bong Appetite makes you feel like you’re eating with the cast over a elaborate, infused dinner on a gorgeous set in Los Angeles. Featuring cannabis expert Abdullah Saeed, and produced by “king of cannabis” Jason Pinsky, Bong Appetite will give you an insider education on everything related to weed cuisine.


The reviews on this new Netflix series have been mixed, but it’s worth watching if you want accurate information on weed. That’s because they hired celebrity cannabis consultant Dr. Dina as an advisor on the show. The plot follows Ruth Whitefeather Feldman, who opens a cannabis dispensary in her golden years. The cast of characters is quirky, including both a vet with PTSD and another who talks to his pot plants in the basement.

High Maintenance

Follow a weed delivery guy around New york and meet his eclectic cast of clients. With many weed shows centered around the west coast, this show gives you an east coast window into Brooklyn’s cannabis culture. Funny and diverse, you’ll want to binge on this one after you call your own delivery guy.

Broad City

This show about two Brooklyn gals figuring out life isn’t about cannabis, but the plant does play a central role in their lives. It offers a fresh take on the lady stoner, that doesn’t dramatize or underplay the characters’ relationships to weed. Not to mention, the characters Abbi and Ilana, played by Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, are both relatable and hilarious.


Another Viceland series, this time you’ll get to follow around host Krishna Andavolu as he explores a variety of issues related to weed: medicine, health, law, religion, and cultivation. Traveling all over, he creates a diverse picture of what cannabis industry and culture has become today.

Queens of the Stoned Age

A new series by MERRY JANE, this show aims to show real women who smoke weed. It portrays a diverse picture of women from all walks of life, who have in common an enthusiasm for cannabis — whether they use it recreationally or for wellness. Produced by Snoop Dogg’s own company and involving the women from Cannabis Feminist, this show will change how society thinks of women and weed.

The Six Best TV Shows About Weed