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How to Incorporate Cannabis into Your Thanksgiving

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With Thanksgiving coming up, you’re maybe wondering things like “can I fly home with weed?” or “should I try to make medicated stuffing and gravy?” Whether you’re planning to get baked and watch football or trying this year to convince Grandma to use CBD, there are a number of ways cannabis can become an integral part of your Thanksgiving. From the dinner prep to conversation at the table to escaping for a joint outside with your cousin, here are some reasons you’ll be grateful for ganj over the holiday.

Infuse your meal with weed

Don’t try this at home — or if you do, make sure the whole family consents. Otherwise, this might be better for a Friendsgiving instead. If you want to go big, try making a cannabis-infused turkey, or if you’re less ambitious, pot brownies are always a reliable classic for dessert

Get high with a munchie-inducing strain before dinner

Want your Thanksgiving meal to be all the more scrumptious? Having the munchies can help. For a relaxing appetite boost, try an indica like Platinum Purple Kush or Monster Cookies; otherwise a more energetic sativa or hybrid like Sonoma Coma or Maui Bubble Gift can also do the trick.

Talk to your family about cannabis

Thanksgiving is a day for connecting with loved ones. If cannabis comes up at the dinner table, there are plenty of directions in which you can steer the conversation. Talk to your family about the economic benefits of legalization or the scientific benefits of medical marijuana. Or teach them about the various new products on the market — older family members may be surprised to learn that cannabis is no longer weed in a dime bag.

Share your weed

If they’re open to it, no harm in showing your parents or grandparents how you might use that CBD topical to ease your cramps, or how those microdosable edibles help you get work done. Make sure that if you share your cannabis with new consumers, that you start them off on a small dose and work your way up only once you know for sure they’re comfortable.

Destress with cannabis

Getting together with family can be stressful. So can prepping a large meal, making seat assignments, cleaning up after everyone, and making sure no tension erupts at the table. At the end of it all, you’ll probably need a moment to relax. Kick back with a strain like Blue Dream or Cannatonic to unwind over a book by fireplace, or in bed with Netflix.

How to Incorporate Cannabis into Your Thanksgiving