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Treat Yourself this Season to Premium Cannabis Flower and Oil

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Whether you’re still doing your holiday shopping, or merely looking to treat yourself, there are a number of cannabis flower and vaporizable oil packages to lift your spirits this season. You already have Jane Street‘s guide for cannabis consumption devices — bongs, pipes, vape hardware, and even an inhaler — now here are some suggestions for the stuff you can actually put into those devices.

Pure Beauty Prerolls

Their millennial pink packaging is so pretty, you won’t even need to wrap them. Based out of Los Angeles, the brand makes highly potent cannabis, tucked neatly into cheeky, fashionable pre-rolls.

Higher Vision Super Oil

Higher Vision’s signature Super Oil blends pure THC distillate and live cannabis terpenes (aromatic compounds) derived from the same, single source without adding any extra chemicals. Manufactured without solvents and lab tested as safe, the oil is dabbable, vapeable, edible, and can even be used as a topical.

Lowell Farms Cannabis Tasting Flight

Featuring eight eighths of Lowell’s best strains, individually packed in vacuum sealed glass jars and presented in a handcrafted, wood case, this is the perfect gift for the connoisseur or novice consumer, looking to try a variety of new strains.

Eco Firma Farms Pachecos

Premium blended handcrafted prerolls, Pachecos are comprised of sustainably grown, artisanal flower. The pre-rolls also feature a cotton filter, making them smooth to smoke. Try the “Hammerhead Melt,” a high THC indica, for a heavy, full effect, or the “Keen Create,” a high CBD, low THC blend, for a light puff in between work breaks.

Bloom Farms Highlighter Pen

Luxuriously finished in rose gold, Bloom Farms’ Highlighter vape pen features oil extracted with clean carbon dioxide, containing 50-70 percent THC. In order to maintain the cannabis plant’s natural flavors, the oil’s terpenes are derived from the same cannabis plant from which the oil itself is made (many oils feature artificial terpenes or terpenes derived from other plants).

Treat Yourself this Season to Premium Cannabis Flower and Oil